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Being an office fit out company that is well located to carry out work throughout the South East of England, we have seen much change and growth in the business sector during our 30 years of experience in the industry. Whilst we undertake many office fit outs in London, many businesses there have been finding realistically-affordable office space increasingly difficult to obtain. This has given the areas outside of the capital a great opportunity to expand their business communities.

Hertfordshire is one such area that has benefitted from this – many of the companies that we have worked for have been seeking great office design in Watford in order to reap the many benefits that a functional, modern workplace has on their employees.

The Growing Need For New And Innovative Office Design In Watford

The number of business operations seeking bespoke office design in Watford will only continue to rise. As an example of the growth of the business sector in-and-around the town; a recent application to construct a number of four and five-storey office blocks in Croxley Green has been approved by Watford Borough Council. Consisting of around 40,000spft of office space, along with a multi-storey car park and staff amenities, the application and its approval continues to highlight the growing need for new facilities, in order to serve the businesses who wish to move to the area.

News about such projects are extremely encouraging, especially when you take into account that we are currently living in uncertain times, what with Brexit and the slow growth of the pound. This one example of a new and exciting project that is taking place shows the faith that the business sector has in the immediate area outside London. As such, this can only inspire more companies to move into the area, further strengthening the business community and the local economy.

Why Does An Office Need To Have A Good Design?

The workplace is our home away from home – some of us even spend as much time there, as we do in the home. As such, shouldn't the workplace be as comfortable as our home interiors? How can we produce our best work, at the ideal rate, if we feel uncomfortable or don't have the right tools to do the job? What if we need to collaborate with others or need a more private space in which to complete important work? Refreshing your office interiors or creating a brand-new environment altogether, will answer all these questions and more.

If your business is looking to create the ideal environment for your employees to thrive in, then a brand-new office refurbishment will be a great solution.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that your business will experience with a new office design in Watford:

  • Raising the rates of productivity and increasing the quality of work can be achieved by creating an office design that will respond to the working practices of employees, rather than the employees having to fit their working practices around the limitations offered by the office design. An office fit out that is able to achieve this is one that is able to provide the right balance between a number of factors – from the rollout of comfortable and functional furniture to offering an increased amount of light, a better quality of air, optimal temperatures and improved acoustics. Then of course, there is the design of the layout that can introduce a number of facilities that can contribute to the working needs of employees – such as creating a flexible office floor that combines open office design, along with more private rooms.
  • Company Culture. It isn't just physical installations or the layout of the office that can provide a positive influence on employees – this can also be achieved by bestowing branding and a 'company culture' within the aesthetic design. This helps to give the business an identity, showing it to be a professional, forward-thinking and unique operation – no doubt impressing any clients too.
  • Make Better Use Of Space. Many businesses will be paying for space that they don't use; some won't have enough space to achieve what they need to. A new office fit out can look at each and every aspect of the office building and create a design that will make better use of the space available, ensuring that the business gets full value out of the rents they're paying for.

These are just a few of the many benefits that can be gained by producing new office interiors – if you'd like to know more about how you can improve your company's day-to-day operations through bespoke office design in Watford, why not get in touch with the experts today?

Bespoke Office Design, By Oaktree Interiors

Having worked with all sizes and types of business operations over the years, we have attained a great understanding of how a bespoke workspace can have a dramatic impact on the operations of a company. By reimagining their office design in Watford, a business can not only make better use of their interiors but also inspire and impress employees and clients alike.

If you're looking to take advantage of these benefits, then please don't hesitate to give our office fit out experts a call today on 0845 474 3556. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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