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Happy New Year from everyone here at Oaktree Interiors! 2017 was certainly an exciting year for us; we undertook a number of different, challenging office design projects for all manner of business organisations based around the South East of England. In this blog, we're going to look back at some of them, showcasing our work and explaining why you should consider improving your office interiors for the future too.

Not Just Office Design!

Mind you, it wasn't just all about redesign, relocation and refurbishment here at Oaktree during 2017. As a close-knit company that endeavours to bestow our sense of collaboration and team working on the projects we create, we also undertake many activities outside of building new office environments. For example, our design team attended the illustrious Clerkenwell Design Week back in May, promoting our skills, picking up tips and making contacts with some of the most innovative designers in the industry. Not just that, but our CEO, Perry, had a May encounter of his own – namely meeting Prime Minister Theresa May when she visited Perry's local church (of which he is a Churchwarden) to open a brand-new Parish Hall.

Our 2017 Projects

But of course, it's the projects that we are presented with that provide our day-to-day work – if you're interested in learning more about office design, here's just a small selection of the work we undertook in 2017:

Brogan Group

At the start of this year, as outlined in our previous blog, we successfully handed over an office design project that also involved a relocation for Brogan Group. The company had originally considered refurbishing their previous North London headquarters but instead decided on relocating to a modern facility that was more in keeping with the image of the company and to aid potential future expansion. As such, they purchased a brand-new 12,700spft two-storey building, located at Falcon Gate, a thriving business centre in Welwyn Garden City.

Due to the nature of the company's business, they wanted the working areas to be fully open plan, whilst still giving space for employees to detach from often-noisy working areas to get on with their work. This was achieved by using a combination of solid and soundproof glazed partitions.

Another major aspect of the design that Brogan wanted was areas for staff to breakaway and collaborate. As a result, we designed a large breakout area (along with a kitchen) on the ground floor – such a room will help staff to group together and discuss ideas away from the often het-up working arena. We are delighted to say that the company were pleased with the finished result and kicked off the New Year comfortably settling into their new surroundings.


Late in 2017, another relocation and design project we completed was for eTouches, a software company based in Reading. As the lease on their previous building was coming to an end, it gave the company the perfect opportunity to think about the effectiveness of their location and the environment offered by the building. As such, they recognised the need for their office to provide a more functional and comfortable environment for its staff to achieve their targets.

After assisting them throughout their selection process, eTouches ultimately chose a great location on Queens Road, in the heart of Reading town centre. Aside from being in the perfect location for staff and clients alike to get to via public transport, being located in the centre of the UK's fastest growing business town will sure add some reverence to the company going forward.

The project itself saw the existing shell and core transformed into an open office design with meeting, breakout and training rooms, an attractive reception/waiting area, folding partition walls, a complete electrical infrastructure installation and so much more. Check out our blog on this project for a full specification of works.

Robert Half International

Staying in Reading, a staffing fulfilment agency, Robert Half International was another local company who were seeking a complete redesign of their office in Berkshire. With 'people' being the company's vocation, they insisted that the design of their office should be geared towards improving the experiences and working practices of its staff, as well as to have a capacity to work with new technology and to cater for potential future expansion.

The design we created recognised that a number of key elements must be realised: To create a sense of privacy and professionalism. This was achieved with a client-facing area, interview rooms and high-level meeting and presentation spaces (with slab-to-slab partitioning). Secondly, the open plan office space would need to be a 'home away from home' for its staff (which often mixes local and international employees). As such, we included touchdown benches and soft meeting spaces, alongside breakout rooms for everyone to relax and collaborate in. The design we created was so good that Robert Half literally said that we had 'nailed it' and immediately appointed us to carry out the project.

Improve Your Office For The Future With Oaktree Interiors

Introducing a new office design simply offers the best way in which to improve the communication and productivity of your employees. It will also lead to your staff feeling increasingly inspired and connected to the business – ultimately helping to keep (as well as to attract) talented people the company, laying the foundations for further future success. Not just that but by producing an office design that is unique to your business, you'll be creating a great brand image. This is ideal if you need to use your interiors to set that favourable first impression on your clients.

If you are indeed looking to improve your office interiors, then the service offered by Oaktree Interiors will doubtless fill any and all requirements you may have. With a proven track record and over 30 years of experience in the office design industry, creating bespoke work environments that have made an immense difference to the working practices of the businesses we serve – we can help you to realise your perfect office interiors.

If you would like to discuss the many different options available to you, please don't hesitate to give us a call today on 0845 474 3556. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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