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Office design and space planning can be difficult and sometimes confusing. It can feel like there are a 'million and one' different things to do; however with a professional office solution from the talented team of office fitters in London Oaktree Interiors, you can enjoy a fantastic office environment that meets the needs of your business.

Create A Great Office Space With These 5 Tips

If you need some help and inspiration to create a wonderful office space for your business, here is a quick list of 5 tips to give you a helping hand.

  • Place A High Importance On Creating A Good First Impression
    If you're redesigning your office environment or if you're making some improvements to your workplace; take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and take measures to improve the first impression of your workplace. Design a working environment which when guests arrive for a meeting/interview, they are greeted by a fantastically designed office.

    There are lots of ways that you can use office design to help create a good first impression. However, if you would like some assistance, contact the friendly team of office fitters in London, Oaktree Interiors and enquire about our numerous office services that we can provide.

    With our office solutions, you could create a wonderful reception area in which guests can relax in whilst they wait for their appointments. Create a dedicated space for guests, so any clients arriving for meetings or potential employees arriving for interviews have somewhere comfortable and relaxing to wait for their appointment.

    Also consider how many visitors you receive each year. If you have frequent large amounts of visitors, you might want to consider numerous armchairs, hard wearing floors, coffee tables and perhaps a hot drinks vending machine.

    On the other hand if you only get 2-3 visitors a year, whilst a dedicated space for guests is still a nice idea, you may want to consider a smaller area, more akin to a small comfortable waiting room instead of a large reception area.
  • Invest In High Quality Office Furniture
    Comfort is very important in an office. Staff welfare and comfort should be one of the highest priorities for a business.

    High quality office furniture is more than just a simple chair to sit on and a desk to work at. Instead look at ergonomically designed office furniture; furniture which is designers with comfort, productivity and employee wellbeing in mind.

    We understand that every business is different, as such we utilise our vast amount of experience to find office furniture solutions to meet the needs of your business. Additionally, as we purchase office furniture directly from manufacturers; you avoid additional costs that may be added by third parties.

    So no matter what furniture solution you're searching for, chairs, tables, desks etc.etc; contact the friendly and dedicated Oaktree team and enquire about our furniture services.
  • Think Carefully About Open Plan Office Environments & Private Office Spaces
    There is a heated debate regarding open plan offices and private office spaces. Many businesses are fans of the open office environment because of the collaborative nature and the potential to be more cost effective. However, some businesses do not like open office environments because they can increase the spread of germs and there is a loss of privacy.

    No barriers can be fantastic for employee interaction, if an employee needs to ask a co-worker a question, they can simply just ask them to come to their desk. However, this removal of barriers also gives rise for the spread of germs, especially if businesses utilise a 'hot desking' system.

    If employees are constantly moving to different locations, a simple sneeze could spread an infection to numerous other employees. Additionally, the open office environment could leave employees struggling to concentrate due to the lack of privacy.

    Whilst there is no one size fits all solution for office design, the skilled Oaktree Interiors can help. We have no 'house style'; instead we design an office interior proposal to meet your business' unique needs regarding your workplace and office environment. So give our team a call today and enquire about our numerous office solutions.
  • Close Your Eyes; Office Design Isn't Just About What You Can See
    A great office isn't just about what you can see, as such multisensory office design is very important. For example, if you have a beautifully styled office that look fantastic, but has a terrible smell; you might struggle to build a good first impression with guests.

    Sound is also very important, for example if you decided to create a dedicated room for your business' sales team where they can talk to potential customers on the phone throughout the day, you'll need to consider noise as a potential distraction to workers.

    Additionally you should also consider the temperature of the office. Make sure that your business has a good heating system for the winter months and a good air conditioning system for the summer months.
  • Don't Forget About Employee Wellbeing & Productivity
    Employee productivity and employee wellbeing are both very important. Your office design can be a very useful tool to help you maintain high levels of employee productivity, as well as a tool to help create a professional environment with a strong focus on employee wellbeing.

    If you would like to learn more about how an office environment can impact employee productivity, you can do so by reading our blog titled, “improving workplace productivity" which discusses topics such as, teamwork and interaction, feedback, lighting and of course, office interiors.

Oaktree Interiors; A Team Of Professional Office Fitters In London

If you're searching for a professional office solution for your business in the London area, give the Oaktree Interiors team a call. We are a skilled and talented business that is dedicated to providing businesses with professional office solutions in order to create an office environment that meets the unique needs of the business and the employees who work in the office space.

If you would like to request a free consultation. You can do so by giving our team a call on 0845 474 3556. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more information regarding the numerous office solutions that are available from the Oaktree Interiors team or if you have any questions that you would like to ask, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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