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Are you unsure if an office refurbishment service is the correct step forward for your business? With numerous office services to choose from, it is important that you make the right decision. The Oaktree Interiors team of office design professionals can provide a variety of office interiors services such as office fit outs, workplace consultancy, office design, and office refurbishment in Guildford. So if you would like to make an enquiry, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of professionals by calling 0345 474 3556.

Concerned about productivity or well being? have you considered office refurbishment?

It is very important that your place of work meets the needs of your both your business and your employees.

Arguably two of the most important things with regards to office design and office interior solutions are the productivity of a workplace and the well being of the employees who are working inside the workplace. However, if productivity or employee well being is low, an office refurbishment could be a fantastic solution for either or both of these problems. Indeed, on the Oaktree Interiors blog we have discussed the advantages of refurbishments and office interior services with regards to both workplace productivity and employee well being on numerous occasions.

Is productivity low?

If the productivity of your workplace is suffering as a result of your office design, refurbishing your workplace could be a fantastic solution to this issue.

Workplace productivity can suffer as a result of numerous different reasons, one of which being the design of your workplace. For example if your employees are working in a poorly designed works pace, organisation might be affected; thus causing tasks to take longer than expected.

Also, also factors which affect office productivity can be mitigated by the design of your workplace. For example, distractions in the workplace caused by things such as chatter or other distracting noises. A friendly workplace community can be fantastic for workplace camaraderie and can serve to strengthen employee relationships; however as with many things in life, this needs to be kept in moderation. Whilst friendly chatter amongst co-workers can be a fantastic way to keep the office environment in motivated and in a happy mood, too much non-work related conversations can stop working as a motivational tool and instead serve as a distraction, thus reducing workplace productivity.

So how can you increase the amount of helpful non-work related conversations in the office environment but decrease the amount of distracting non-work related chatter? One possible solution is to create a comfortable and relaxing breakout area. This way, employees can bond over mutual interests, however by limiting these conversations to break times in the breakout area; you create an area for friendships to grow between co-workers, without the noisy and distracting chatter of non-work related conversation taking place across desk spaces.

If you would like to learn more about office refurbishment and reducing distractions in your place of work, perhaps you would like to read our blog titled, How can an office refurbishment help to curb productivity affecting distractions?

Are your employees uncomfortable in your current workplace?

If your office space is poorly designed, it could have a negative impact on the well being of your employees which could negatively affect your business. After all happy employees are motivated employees.

Fortunately, lots of things can help to increase the well being of your employees in your workplace. If you are interested in an office refurbishment service, you could increase the amount of natural light entering your workplace; alternatively you could also increase the amount of plants and other natural elements in the office environment. You could also choose to upgrade office furniture to include ergonomic office furniture options such as comfortable chairs which help promote healthy back posture.

You could use a refurbishment service to improve the kitchen area and provide you employees with healthy snacks to help promote a healthy diet. Furthermore on the topic of wellbeing and health, you could include shower facilities in your office to promote employees cycling to work.

However, if you're unsure how you can transform the workplace to improve employee well being, you could decide to give your employees some ownership over their workspace. For example, you can allow them to modify their own workstations to their own needs. Some people might benefit from a more organised workstation,whereas others may benefit from a desk filled with sticky notes and reminders that are easily visible. Additionally, as discussed in a previous blog discussing refurbishment and creating a welcoming office environment, allowing your employees to customise their workspace could portray the office as having a “collaborative and homely feel to any visitors who may view the office."

Office refurbishments from the Oaktree Interiors team

With regards to office refurbishment, the Oaktree Interiors team have nearly 30 years of experience providing businesses with office interiors services. As such, you can trust in the skills and knowledge of our friendly and dedicated team of office interior professionals.

Being based in Berkshire, Hertfordshire, and London & Kent, we are ideally located to undertake projects throughout the South East of England, so if you're interested in an office refurbishment in Guildford or any of the areas above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team today!

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