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With a Brexit deal proving somewhat difficult to agree with parliament at the time of writing, the future of the country and the European Union at stake, there is only one person who can sort it all out...

We're joking, of course, but it was a proud moment for our CEO, Perry Mills, to be invited to 10 Downing Street recently; a 'boyhood dream' he remarked. Alas, we cannot divulge the reasons as to why Perry was there (we'd have to 'kill you' as the old adage goes) but his experience of the office design industry doubtless contributed to some stimulating conversation.

A community-driven office design service

Perry, we hope he won't mind us saying, is the acorn from which Oaktree Interiors has grown.For the best part of three decades, he has established the company as a leading office design,refurbishment, relocation and fit out service in the south east of England.

One of the reasons for our growth has been Perry's intrinsic belief in the value of community; a workplace, like society in general, functions at its best when people are given the means to reach their potential. Whether it's by working together or contributing to the greater good as individuals, being part of a great community bestows a sense of passion in what we do. This allows us to feel apart of ongoing success, encouraging us to press on and to achieve even more. These are all feelings that could potentially be captured with the right office design and as a company, we endeavour to help our clients on the path to potentially reach these same feelings.

The opening of St Andrews Church Hall

Perry's position and belief in community has seen him contribute to projects in the local area throughout the years. One of the more recent, was in May 2017, before, during and after the construction of a new church hall at St. Andrews' Church in Sonning.

Known as The Ark, this new facility was constructed to enable the church to reach out and offer a focal point for local people to meet and engage in various activities connected in part or in full with Christian Mission. As the Churchwarden at St. Andrew's, Perry was heavily involved in the process as far back as early 2013, which at its completion included being a key attendee of the official opening. Conducted by local MP, Sonning resident (and Prime Minister!) Theresa May, the opening brought together 400+ guests to celebrate the achievement, with guided tours of the new building, recitals from local schoolchildren and a blessing by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey.

Not that we're saying, because of those reasons, that Perry should lead the Brexit negotiations or anything, but if you're reading Mrs May...

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