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No matter the size and type of business that we produce office design work for, we at Oaktree Interiors can guarantee the jobs that we undertake will be bespoke and will relate directly to the aims of each client. One of our philosophies is that every work environment should work for the business, rather than the business having to work around the limitations offered by the environment. Our latest office fit out in Berkshire for OPTEX (Europe) Ltd underlines this – read on to find out more.

OPTEX's New Office Fit Out In Berkshire.

Many of our projects involve an office relocation – some clients have simply outgrown their current premises, or are seeking a better location from which to operate. Some move across town, to a new city – or even just a few doors down; something that OPTEX has done. Recognising the need to move from their current building, but also the suitability of their location, OPTEX identified their perfect new office space, just a few buildings down from their current office, within Cordwallis Business Park in Maidenhead.

Seeking a new office fit out in Berkshire, OPTEX met with Oaktree Interiors, in order for us to understand their requirements and aims. We then undertook a survey of their new office space and used the information collected from this in order to create a design and build proposal that also took into account the requirements and aims of the business, that they outlined during the initial meeting. The proposal itself consisted of 2d-3d visuals that displayed how their new office set up would look. Being one of three office design companies that OPTEX spoke to, we were delighted that they appointed us as their preferred tenders on the strength of our meetings and proposals.

This new office fit out in Berkshire will consist of approximately 13,600sqft of office space that will be transformed into:

  • A new large boardroom.
  • A number of cellular offices and meeting rooms.
  • A kitchen and breakout area.
  • IT server room.
  • Tech and testing room.
  • New open plan workspaces.
  • A brand-new reception area.

Shaped to the working practices of the company and its staff, this new project will start shortly and our office fit out team can't wait to get started!

OPTEX – A World-Leading Sensor Technologies Manufacturer.

As an example of our ability to serve all manner of business types with their perfect office environment – our work in Maidenhead for OPTEX will see us creating a new environment for a company at the very top of their industry. OPTEX is a world-leader in the manufacture of high-performance sensing technology. For over 30 years, the company has been trusted by thousands of customers worldwide for the accuracy and reliability of its detection systems.

OPTEX (Europe) Ltd was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary company of OPTEX Japan and has since established itself as a local market leader. Since 2014, the current Maidenhead office has been the headquarters of the Group's European operations, with further regional offices located in The Netherlands, France and Poland, with another office located in Dubai. The decision to create a dedicated headquarters is due to the company's strategic focus on summarising and supporting the demands of their customers, from the continuously growing security market.

Why Should My Business Think About Undertaking An Office Relocation?

If you are part of a business that is thinking about introducing your employees to a new work environment, one that will help them to feel more comfortable, inspired and equipped to go about their jobs, sometimes it may be better to relocate your office. Whether it's to take advantage of improved facilities, a better location or more favourable rental fees, two other great reasons to relocate include:

  • Your Business Needs. If you feel that your current workspace is too small, offers an inflexible way of working, or if you need to increase staff levels in order to meet demand, then an office relocation will help to invigorate your business. Not only that but being a space that will be more in-tune with your business, its staff and how they operate, then you'll likely notice that the levels of productivity and quality of work will increase too.
  • Improve The Reputation Of Your Business. If you host any clients, then the need for your interiors to reflect the quality of the service you offer is absolutely vital. First impressions make all the difference; if your current office interiors are outdated, uncomfortable and don't offer functionality for your workforce, what does that say about your business? Your quality of work may be the best around, but if you don't impress that upon your clients, through the design of your office, then they obviously aren't going to see that. There's a reason why branding is important in the modern world – by showing you are a forward-thinking, innovative business, a bespoke office fit out in Berkshire will allow you the opportunity to get across the characteristics of your company to your clients (and potential, talented employees), before you even have to say anything!

Choose Oaktree Interiors For Any Minor Or Major Office Refurbishment.

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are always happy to work alongside any type and size of company. From large-scale, international companies, as well as small, local businesses in order to create the very best workplaces for whatever their requirements may be. No matter if you're searching for a completely new office fit out in Berkshire or just a few, slight tweaks to your office, our friendly office design team are always happy to help out where they can.

If you would like further information on how we can help your business, or for more information on office design, relocation or refurbishment in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0845 474 3556 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail enquiry to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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