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We all know the importance of staying fit and healthy, and regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. If you're upgrading your office and you're wondering how you can encourage your employees to be more active, here are 9 tips from Oaktree Interiors; professional office fitters in London.

But First, Why Should You Encourage Your Employees To Exercise?

Many employers search for ways to help motivate their employees to succeed in the workplace. Sitting for multiple hours a day in an office can make people feel sluggish and not perform their tasks optimally. Additionally, stress in the workplace can lead to an inefficient workflow.

Thankfully exercise can help make people happier. So if you're searching for ways to increase productivity and combat stress amongst your employees, consider promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

9 Tips To Encourage Your Employees To Be More Active And Live A Healthy Lifestyle

  • Include Shower Facilities In Your Office
    Many businesses decide that they will offer incentives to those who cycle to work in order to promote both a culture of exercise and also a culture of environmental responsibility. However, if employees are arriving at work after a long cycle, they may want to shower. So if you want your employees to take full advantage of a cycle to work scheme, consider including shower facilities in your office space; giving them the washing facilities they need after cycling to work.
  • Install Sit/Stand Desks
    Sitting for prolonged periods of time can have negative health consequences, so much so that there are many articles online discussing the health risks of sitting down for too long such as the article by The One Brief titled, "Sitting Vs Smoking: What's The Scale Of The Risk?" Swap normal desks for sit/stand desks so that employees can choose between sitting and standing. You could also choose higher quality office chairs that consider the optimal sitting position for healthy back posture who those at the office who choose to sit.
  • Install Water Coolers
    Whilst not exercise, drinking water is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated is very important and it has many benefits, it can help keep your body cool, help prevent dry mouth and help muscles and joints work better.
    So, when considering your office design and installing furniture, think about installing water coolers to encourage your employees to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Offer Discounted Gym Memberships
    If there is a local gym located close to your office location, perhaps you could negotiate discounted gym memberships for your employees. That way your employees have an incentive to go to the gym.
  • Start Charity Exercise Events
    Organise a charity event for you and your colleagues. This gives your employees an incentive to use those discounted gym memberships and exercise together. Not only is a charity exercise event a fun way to encourage healthy lifestyles and raise money for a good cause, but it could also improve the office camaraderie, providing a wonderful opportunity for colleagues to get to know each other and enjoy some friendly competition.
  • Start A Sports Team
    If your business is large enough, you could organise sport teams for different departments so they can compete against each other. However if your business is small, perhaps you could create a sports team and organise some competitions with other local businesses or sports teams. Some fun sports ideas that you could possibly include are: rounders, ultimate Frisbee, football, golf or maybe you could all take part in a local running event?
  • Install A Gym
    It doesn't have to be a large gym, but installing a small workplace gym where employees can lift a few weights, use an exercise bike or jog on a treadmill during a break can be very useful for promoting exercise and healthy living in the workplace. You could also invite fitness professionals to the company gym and offer employees a free fitness class, which may motivate them to use the gym space and workout regularly at work.
  • Start A Challenge
    Lots of businesses have held weight loss challenges, but have you considered a fitness challenge? It doesn't have to be complicated, you could organise a walking challenge where employees count their steps using a fitness device/app that counts steps and whoever has walked the most that week/month/quarter wins a small prize.
  • Speak To A Professional
    If you're curious as to how you can use office design to encourage your employees to live a healthy lifestyle, get professionals involved. Speak to professional office fitters in London (for example Oaktree Interiors) and make healthy living a core part of your office environment.

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