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As office design and space planning business, employee wellbeing and productivity are two of the many things we take into consideration when designing offices and work spaces. Being happy at work is one of the many keys to being productive; often an unhappy worker is a less productive worker. This is bad for both the employee and the employer. According to an article on fastcompany.com , “Happy employees are 12% more productive". One way you can improve the productivity of your workplace is with office interior design solutions from Oaktree Interiors, if you are interested in office interiors in Mayfair or office interiors in Southwark, please give us a call on 0345 2186955

Here are 6 ways you can use office interior solutions to improve the office environment and boost workplace positivity!

  • Think About Noise. Whilst there is never going to be a perfect office that ticks every box and results in an office completely void of disruptions and is a room of endless happiness and joy, you can take steps to combat some of the largest sources of distraction and discomfort.

One of the largest sources of distraction for many workers is noise. Some businesses attempt to combat this by having the news or the radio playing quietly to create a familiar background noise, however, it you can utilise your office design and office furniture to reduce the noise in your workplace and thus reduce the audio distractions that your employees face in the workplace.

Firstly you can use acoustic furniture to reduce the noise for your workers, providing them with a quieter place to work on deadlines or take a conference call. However you can also use partitioning to reduce noise between desks. If you're interested in the various ways you can reduce noise in your office, give our team of experts a call on 0345 2186955.

  • Add Some Colour. Whilst dull colours such as beige might feel more 'adult', they are not the only choice for a professional appearance. Choosing colour schemes which flow together and reflect your branding can create an exciting office space, yet still maintaining a professional appearance.

Think about the colours that you use on your business's website and your business cards. Our office interior experts can advise you on choices of colour, from the office desks, to the office walls, even your choice of carpets. Oaktree Interiors is an office design business that has 30 years of industry experience; take advantage of our office design expertise and create a working space that is a joy to work in.

  • The Light. Casaforma writes that, “Poor lighting has been linked to depression". In order to provide your workers with a happy and pleasant working environment, your work space needs to be well lit. You can do this by increasing the amount of natural light that enters your building, for example by adding large windows and using mirrors. However, it is also important to consider the use of artificial lighting. There are various different types of lighting to choose from and our office interior experts are on hand to provide advice and assistance where necessary.
  • Room To Work. Think about the space in your office environment. Whilst you may want to make full use of the space and boost the amount of desk space in your office, think about your employees. Giving your employees the room to complete their tasks in comfort could help to improve their productivity. You could also make their desks more pleasant to work at, for example with comfortable chairs, quality keyboards and desks such as sit/stand desks. You can create a comfortable environment in which your employees can work.
  • Add A Breakout Room. Effective breaks are very important for motivated and productive workers. As Lifehack.org writes, “Did you know even a 30 second microbreak can increase your productivity up to 13%? Or that a 15 second break from staring at your computer screen every ten minutes can reduce your fatigue 50%?"

When planning your office design solution, it is important to consider how your employees will be taking their breaks. By creating an area at work that your employees can relax you give them a place where they can 'recharge their batteries' and return to their desks feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to get back to work. Also in an article written by Kylelacy.com, some studies show that there are advantages to allowing your employees to check social media at their desks. However there are also disadvantages and many businesses are reluctant to allow their employees to use social media at their desks. However in a break room, you have the ideal opportunity to allow your workers to relax enjoy the benefits that social media has to offer, without risking the loss of productivity associated with employees using social media at their desks.

A breakout room can also help to boost workplace morale. It provides an area for employees to meet and socialise on their breaks!

  • Use Plants. Nature can be a powerful motivation tool. A study reported on in The Guardian concluded that, if you fill a “lean workplace" with a few houseplants, employees became 15% more productive. If just one plant per square metre was introduced, employee performance regarding memory retention substantially improved.

There are many ways you can include plants into your office space. You could have a selection of indoor plant pots and vases that thematically fit with your office's colour scheme or your business's branding and you could invite your employees to bring plants into the workspace to decorate their desks with a plant of their choosing.

Alternatively, you could use larger houseplants in office spaces and place smaller plants close to windows, with flower colours that fit the colour scheme of your office.

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