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You can be forgiven for thinking that bestowing a strategy in regards to your office design, is something for large businesses; those at the very top of their industries with a brand image to display. In fact, even the smallest of business operations in the local area can glean the same benefits with a well-honed office design in Farnborough. Whether they're looking to improve their facilities, to increase productivity or to create that perfect branding image; great office design will be of benefit to all types of businesses, no matter their size or standing.

In this blog, we're going to look at how a small business can shape their office fit outs in order to get the most out of their work environment – and what help a professional office design company can give.

The Need For Small Businesses To Tap Into Professional Office Design In Farnborough

A small business doesn't possess the hierarchy that is present in larger operations; this means that the staff there have to work closely together to make the business a success. There'll be more intimate conversions, increased collaboration, more energy and motivation – despite the tightness of the budget and the small space available. All of these factors can present quite the challenge – how can we implement all of these requirements and make them fit within the budget and space we possess? This is where a professional office design company can help.

An office design company can use their expertise in creating a design that will take into account all of the requirements and calculate how much it would cost and how it can be fit inside the space available. They can help the smallest of businesses to create that ultra-professional image that's expected of bigger operations, ultimately helping them to stand out to any clients as a reliable, forward-thinking service that is well worth working with.

How Small Businesses Can Get The Most Out Of Their Office Designs

Being an experienced office design company, here at Oaktree Interiors we have worked with all manner of business operations in creating their ideal work environment – regardless of their standing in their industries, or their budgets. As such, here are our tips on creating a great office design in Farnborough for a small business:

  • The Importance Of Lighting. In recent years, businesses have become more aware of the negative effects of artificial lighting on employees. If you think about it, they will be spending most of the day shut away from a natural light and atmosphere – so is it a surprise that many struggle to concentrate at work? Using more natural light can help to improve attentiveness and focus, helping people to notice the little details of their work that may slip away if they aren't focused. Artificial light can also cause eye strain and even cause headaches in some people – so is it a surprise that some aren't as productive in such an environment?
  • Using The Available Space Intelligently. The best way to ensure that an office takes advantage of increased levels of light is by bestowing an open or semi-open design. Instead of thick, bulky walls that block out light, glass partitioning should be used in areas that need to be separated. An added bonus is that the air within the office will be circulated better too – making for a better in-work atmosphere.

    It's important for business owners to also think about the space available to employees – giving them large workstations would undoubtedly mean that less space will be available for them to move around and can even constrict any chances of them being able to collaborate on work. Finding the right medium in regards to the sizing of desks and chairs is the vital part of allowing ideas to be exchanged and interactions to take place within the office.
  • Breakout Areas. In order to compete against bigger rivals, a smaller business needs to think smart in every single aspect of their operation. Being a massive factor in its success, the way employees work together will need to be a priority – something that a breakout room can help with. Being set away from the main working area, a breakout room can offer a relaxing environment for employees to take breaks, to reflect and refresh, or even to undertake informal meetings in which they can share ideas and be inspired to think spontaneously.
  • Being Tidy. Being a busy building, it's understandable that clutter accumulates during the working week. Whilst bigger offices can handle a small build-up of clutter without it having much of an effect, the lack of space in a small office will see it having a big impact – the sight of it will simply create a negative view for employees and clients alike. This is why, in order to maintain a tidy office, a small business must have proper storage solutions and a few ground rules in place to prevent clutter from building up.
  • Introduce The Right Furniture. The importance of choosing the right furniture for any office design in Farnborough, in regards to its size, shape and functionality, can't be stressed enough. It may seem the right choice for a business to save money on cheaper furniture (especially if they're on a small budget) but in the long term, they'll end up spending more on replacing it. Cheaper furniture is more likely to get damaged and therefore, more liable to be needing to be repaired or replaced completely. Secondly, cheaper furniture doesn't tend to offer enough comfort to employees who need to spend 7+ hours at their desks per day. Back and neck injuries are quite common through the use of low-quality, unsuitable furniture and it isn't unreasonable to suggest that some employees may think negatively of the business and move on if they don't have the comfort during their working day that is beneficial to their physical health.
  • The Importance Of Branding. Possessing the ability to think smarter also extends to the image that the office interiors present. If a business has to host any clients, the environment that their office offers can play a part in their impression of its services. Generally being a small business will require them to work harder in order to promote their services – so as such, the workplace must be an extension of their advertising materials and values. The image it presents must be thought about – does it present an operation that is bright, forward-thinking, modern and innovative? Or is it a cluttered, tired, dull and non-functional workplace?

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