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Creating your ideal office environment can be a difficult task. So to give you a helping hand, here is a list of 5 tips for office design in Hertfordshire.

5 Tips For Office Design And Space Planning

If you want to upgrade your office environment but need some inspiration, here are a few tips to help.

  • Place A Focus On Light And Space
    Many offices overlook the importance of natural light within the workspace, however there are many benefits to designing an office space that makes the most out of the natural light that is available.

    So if you want to increase the amount of sunlight that enters your workspace you could: remove large opaque walls, if possible increase the size of the windows and you could create a large open working environment so that light can reach your employees.

    Additionally with regards to space, don't just think about the space at employee work stations, also consider the space in which employees walk. Make sure that there is enough room for people to walk to and from their desks, getting a drink from the kitchen, taking their lunch break Etc. Etc.
  • Don't Forget A Breakout Area
    If your office doesn't already have a breakout area, you should consider including one in your office design.

    Whilst breakout areas are fantastic places for employees to enjoy their lunch breaks, providing them with a wonderful location to relax and mingle with co-workers, they can also be fantastic places to host casual meetings. Whilst a professional meeting room is still a great environment to host meeting such as client meetings or interviews, the breakout area is a great place to host weekly or monthly catch-up meetings on a Monday morning, letting everyone discuss past, present and future projects over a refreshing beverage in comfortable furniture.
  • Implement A Good Storage System
    When you're looking for different ways to boost productivity in your working environment, one of the important things to consider is how tidy the workplace is. Clutter can be very distracting; as such it is important that you implement good storage solutions in your office environment so that your employees can keep their workplaces tidy whilst they work.

    By using high quality storage solutions, employees can keep their work environment tidy and clutter free. You could also use paper recycling bins near the storage areas in order to promote recycling paper waste.
  • Invest In High Quality Ergonomic Furniture
    When trying to save money, some businesses decide to spend less on furniture. However high quality furniture is very important.

    For example, poor posture can lead to many negative health effects such as eye strain, fatigue, neck aches, back aches and headaches. Many businesses look to increase office productivity, however some forget about office furniture. Just think, if your employees are suffering with any of the above negative health effects, area they working at their most productive?

    Indeed as discussed in our blog titled, “Office Furniture and Its Effects On The Productivity Produced In The Office". If office furniture is causing staff to suffer from back, shoulder and neck injuries; it's not inconceivable that these injuries may motivate some employees to seek employment elsewhere, potentially costing you a talented member of staff.
  • Upgrade Your Kitchen Area
    In the 21st century workplace; health and wellbeing are very important. In some businesses employees spend eight or more hours a day in the same environment and as such the office need to adapt in order to support the health needs of employees. One such way of supporting the health needs of employees is using high quality furniture as described in the point above, however you could also look to your office kitchen area. This area has the potential to play a very significant role with regards to health and wellbeing in the office. With a high quality kitchen area, you can encourage healthy eating; having complementary fruit alongside tea and coffee.

    As previously mentioned above, breakout areas can be great for causal meetings, but so can kitchen areas.

    If you want a short casual meeting that only lasts a few moments, the kitchen is an ideal location, and everyone can enjoy a tasty cup of tea or coffee afterwards. Just think, the kitchen will only see peak use during breakfast and lunch hours, so if you need a quick moment to have a short meeting with some co-workers, the kitchen is an ideal location.

    Indeed the kitchen can be a very useful area of your office. If you would like to learn more about office kitchen areas, consider reading our blog titled, “The Kitchen – A Great Way To Create A Focal Point In Your Office Interiors In Reading."

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